Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery is the recovery and salvage operations where a PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) is held against. The lender takes the goods as security so it can take them and sell them if your client defaults in paying the loan. A borrower who grants a mortgage over their goods as security for their loan is called a mortgagor.

We cost our matters on a total cost,  not a hour rate.

We can repossess goods for you if you have an address or not. If you are an individual. Maybe you are a landlord and lost rent, We can help find goods or value or find out if a person is working so you can prepare your self for Local Court. See our Skip tracing page.

  • This includes personal assets (regulated loan contracts are designed to provide protection to consumers. This is represented within the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP).
  • This includes commercial assets (Unregulated loan contacts are those that do not have consumer protection under NCCP. The reason they don’t fall under this is that the funds being lent are not being used predominantly for consumer use.